What we do

Executive Search

Our essential activity is focused on the Direct Search of professionals for our clients in the following areas:

  • Executive Search and Selection
  • Search and Selection of Middle Managers
  • Search and Selection of Qualified Personnel
  • In a proactive and individualized way in each process, we will search, identify and evaluate the most suitable candidates for the position, characteristics and company.

  • We will evaluate the suitability of the candidates always analyzing, among others, four critical points:

    • Required skills / Experience
    • Personal skills
    • Remuneration / Growth
    • Cultural Balance / Fitting
  • Depending on the sector of activity and the specificity of the position, we will designate from the outset the most suitable consultant who can bring greater value, experience and knowledge to the process, to ensure a successful fit between client and candidate.

  • In all Direct Searches, we will always analyze with the client, in depth the sector, the company, its culture, its values, its leadership style and its structure, dedicating all the efforts and time necessary to guarantee a successful fit between client and candidate.

  • Once the final decision has been made by the client and the candidate has been incorporated, we will establish a calendar of follow-up meetings to facilitate the optimal integration of the person hired.

Other services:

Remuneration Studies, Selection of Temporary Positions, Design of Management Teams, Management Assessment, Succession Plans, International Expansion Plans, Leadership Skills, Transitions and Career Orientation, Coaching and Mentoring.

"Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm." (Winston Churchill)