The Art of Searching

At Ingenia we have created, through the experience of the professionals who make up the company, our own model based on excellence, raising our level of service “to the level of art”, because we always seek the maximum satisfaction of the two key parties in any search process, who are the client and the candidate.

That is why we define our methodology as “The Art of Searching” and divide it into the following 6 phases:


  • Phase I – Previous conversations and interviews with the client.
  • Phase II – Preparation of a proposal with the information obtained in the previous phase.
  • Phase III – Market research and candidate search.
  • Phase IV – Assessment of candidates.
  • Phase V – Preparation of report and presentation of finalists.
  • Phase VI – Assistance and coordination of interviews. Closing and subsequent follow-up.


Ingenia Search has created, through the experience of its consultants, its own model of action whose characteristics are as follows:

☑️ Quality of its professional team:

All our partners and consultants combine their international management experience in highly competitive sectors, their higher education, and common values such as honesty, integrity, service, trust and excellence that are part of our DNA.

☑️ Unified treatment of each Search:

In each Search, a Consultant coordinates and supervises the entire process and acts as the unique interlocutor with the customer until the end of the process.

☑️ Commitment to the client:

Our fundamental objective is to provide the client with an honest and effective service. Therefore, we assume a commitment that does not end with the recruitment of the candidate, but with his full integration.

☑️ Relationship with the candidates:

We carry out the Search and Selection of candidates within a climate of trust, rigour, confidentiality and ethics.

☑️ Comprehensive quality concept:

Our methodology has been expressly designed to seek the excellence, ensuring a high standard of quality, both in the methods used and in all activities of our consultants.


Our goal is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and therefore our consultants carry out a service with the following guarantees for the established fees:

– Repetition of the process as many times as necessary until we get a candidate who full satisfies the expectations of our client.

– We will also repeat the process in case that the hired candidate leaves the company during the first year.

"The wise man never says all he thinks, but always thinks all he says." (Aristotle)